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I'm sure my response ticked off a few people, too.  That would be a
commercial use of the list, wouldn't it?  

I'm glad you're joining.  This group is cheaper and more fun than any of
the other gardening groups I've joined.

Ginda Fisher

> Larry Stark wrote:
> Ginda,
> Thanks for your offer to pay for my membership in exchange for a
> print. I am responding off list, because I wasn't real serious about
> this trade, I only wanted to get some of these people going. They seem
> to enjoy confrontation. I am going to make the payment and join. I
> just sent an email and asked how to go about joining. Keep enjoying
> your orchard. We think gardening is about the greatest obsession there
> is.
> Larry Stark
> E19620 Livermore Road
> Augusta WI 54722
> 800/833-6077
> 715/286-4781
> http://www.larrystark.com
> "The weirdly disorientated Aurora Larryalis" Kip Ruhl