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Re: [nafex] Plum Testing

In a message dated 12/18/00 6:47:54 PM, jbunker@palermo.org writes:

<< I'm planning to work on the plum presence on the Nafex web site this 
winter and attempt to reinvigorate the plum testing group.  Anyone with 
thoughts on the subject is more that welcome to help out, make 
suggestions, etc.

John Bunker >>

    Is this a Northern group, or are low-chill plums considered?  I am 
interested and getting scions of low-chill varieties to 1) test graft 
compatibility  on chickasaw plum, of which we have hundereds of stems 
throughout the portion of our property not subject to flooding; and 2) test 
which varieties that survive (1) suit our situation here which has a number 
of stresses, and our proclivity, which is toward low-maintenace, zero-toxin 
application, etc.   

    I used to think we had about 350-400 chill hours, but that was before the 
two-year drought which still continues here.  With our many-thousand acre 
swamp completely evaporated, we are in a winer-cool site instead of a 
winter-warm site (and also lose evaporative cooling in summer.)  This means 
that some of my low-chill peaches are already starting to bloom.   So mayb e 
I need a mix--some 300-400 hour varieties and some as high as 500 or even 600 
hours, since our climate varies with the year so widely.  (Where we were 10 
degrees warmer than nearby cities during flood ed winters, we are 5-8 degrees 
colder this winter.  Interesting, eh.  Since we are marginal for a log of 
things we have planted here, that is a large difference.)

    In any case, as I open up more and more scrub, I see more and more plum 
stems everywhere.  They do fruit, but even the chickens are slow to eat 
them--that bad.  But the trees (more nearly shrubs) are strong regardless of 
extreems, and in just about pure sand.  So we have an ideal rootstock already.


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