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Re: [nafex] winterkill

"Wiltpruf" reduces the amount of moisture that is transpired from the
stomata of a leaf.

This helps to reduce the dehydration of evergreen plants when the ground
is frozen and the plant roots are unable to take up moisture from the
soil and translocate the water to the leaves/needles.

I don't believe it will reduce a plant's tolerance to cold temperatures.

There is a produce that replaces the bacterial on a plant's leaves with
a specially selected bacteria that forms ice crystals at temperatures
4-5 degrees lower than the native bacterial found on the plant leaves.
This is helpful in marginal frost situations, but not in the
temperatures presently being experienced in Michigan.

Fig trees are subtropical fruits that can withstand some cold weather
when fully dormant, but prolonged temperatures below 20 degrees F. would
kill most fig varieties unless extreme measures are taken to protect the
bearing branches on which the breba and main crops of figs are produced.

While a deep snow helps to insulate plant roots and leaves, it poses
other problem with mice and other rodents eating the tree's bark.

Claude Sweet
SAn Diego, CA

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