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Re: [nafex] Hardy Apricot

A 12:21 00.12.17 +0530, vous avez écrit :
>Dear Nafexers,
>There is a very hardy apricot called CHULLI.  It grows wild in the dry
>temperate regions of the North West India that is adjacent to Tibet.  Its
>precise taxonomic status is not very clear.

Mr. Parmar,
Is this apricot of the species P.armeniaca or is it a different species? It
would be interesting to know more about it, however, it seems quite
improbable that we could import it because of the risk of bringing some
pathogen in the country.
In any case, it would be useful for us, North Americans, to know if you
have the necessary facilities to provide a phytosanitary certificate -
because, with the experience I have had up to now with import permits, it
seems that in all cases, the sender of the vegetal material has to provide
this certificate that says the material is free of all known viruses and
other pathogens. I guess the certificate has to be filled by a laboratory
that is accepted by the authorities here.
Thank you,
Claude Jolicoeur, Quebec, Canada

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