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Re: [nafex] wet soil, highbush cranberry and archive homework

As I mentioned in another communication sent yesterday, V. trilobum, grows wild in my area, which is zone 3. I agree with you that the taste leaves to be desired, but the appearance is fine and the bush would serve the purpose in a cold region like Minnesota. I also had suggested Elderberry bush which also would survive in the conditions described.
H. Dessureault, zone 3
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Date : jeudi 21 décembre 2000 17:51
Objet : Re: [nafex] wet soil, highbush cranberry and archive homework

Sorry for the slow response - Hidden Springs Nursery carries a V. trilobum
cultivar "Phillips" which was selected by Elwood Meader.  Very ornamental -
but the flavor always left something to be desired.  Hector Black zone 6
middle TN
Hidden Spring Nur.  170 Hidden Springs Ln, Cookeville, TN 38501
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Subject: [nafex] wet soil, highbush cranberry and archive homework

>  When i first joined this amazing newsgroup i posted a querry about
>growers of viburnam trilobum, haven't found any growers yet.  My reason
>is that with these newly acquired ponds (ten acres, clay soil,  over a
>HALF MILE of new pond edge coming this spring, nature will plant
>anything i dont, so im after ANYTHING i can plant that is edible along
>this edge before Mama N. takes over.   So far in this zone 2b all ive
>heard of that is suitable (wet feet, clay, severe climate) is highbush.
>any other ideas?
> Just started going through the archive of this egroup, plugged in
>wet soil and amazingly it found a few notes.  For anyone new to this
>site like me who hasnt 'done their homework' may i recommend taking the
>time to work ones way through the archives, its a wealth of info, and
>already ive had three ?'s answered that i would have pestered you good
>folk with this week. THANKS AGAIN for all the efforts that have gone
>before.  this site IS a school.            del, n. minnesota

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