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Re: [nafex] edible honeysuckles

Most of the varieties now commercially available have been very shy bearing
and rather sour.  The shy bearing may be related to the fact that the plants
bloom so early there is a lack of insects to pollinate them at that time of
year.  There is a lot of variation in the edible honeysuckle, with some much
better (and tastier) than others, and in fact there is probably more than
one species or race of it.  There is someone here in Oregon breeding edible
honeysuckle and getting some very interesting early results, but it's too
early to divulge more than that.
-Lon Rombough
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>From: Scott & Lorena <sbrenman@netzero.net>
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>Subject: [nafex] edible honeysuckles
>Date: Fri, Dec 22, 2000, 5:14 PM

>Does anyone have experience with the culture of these?  Quality of the 
>fruit etc.?
>Thank you.
>Scott Breneman
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