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Re: [nafex] Re: Rabbits

Christopher Mauchline wrote:
> > No.  It was Hudson's Golden Gem.  I remembered a few other
> causualites.
> > Holstein is gone due to water core.  Most of the Jefferis has also
> been
> > thinned out.  There was nothing wrong with Jefferis, just that I
> could
> > have more flavorful apples in another week.  I find that I
> value "mild"
> > less as I get older.  Maybe the tired, old taste-buds need a little
> more
> > kick to register....who knows.
> If you've eliminated Ashmead's Kernel and Hudson's Golden Gem, I've
> become interested in what varieties you've kept?

Liberty, GoldRush, Jonafree, a few NY disease resistant selections
(numbers lost in antiquity), Sweet Sixteen, Melrouge, a limb of Dolgo
for jelly.  Roughly in order of amount. I also have some grafts the I
have yet to fruit out.  I like to get at least two years of fruiting
from a cultivar before I make a cull/notcull decision.  Most of the
trees in the serious orchard are on M26 and MARK as free standing
trees.  Grafts include Keepsake, Laxton's Fortune (Cox Orange Pippin X
Wealthy), and PF-51.  I would like to get my hands on Tydeman's Late
Orange.  Out back, I have approximately 90 seedlings of mostly Jonafree 
OP (mostly Starkspur Golden Delicious and Ozark Gold) as described in
earlier posts.

I do not wish to bait, but why grow an apple that, on its best day,
tastes like a pear?  I can grow pears and they have fewer insect
problems.  I am blessed with little fireblight pressure, knock on wood.
> Chris Mauchline
> SE PA, zone 6


                                                     -Joe Hecksel
                                                      Eaton Rapids,

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