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Re: [nafex] edible honeysuckles

Title: Re: [nafex] edible honeysuckles
    This isn't meant to be rude, just to save several of us having to re-write it all.  These are fruits that have already been covered and you can read the replies in the archives.  Then, if you still have questions, come back and ask some more.
From: Joe Boles <jobo@istar.ca>
To: "nafex@egroups.com" <nafex@egroups.com>
Subject: [nafex] edible honeysuckles
Date: Fri, Dec 29, 2000, 5:53 PM

There was some chatter awhile back about the subject; I was not reading it all so this information may already be know or maybe of some interest. I received a catalog today listing the following - HONEYBERRY one of the hardiest fruiting plants. Dark blue berries with a delicious flavor. Two varieties are provided, necessary for cross-pollination. Hardy Zones 2-9. Pkg. of  2. Lonicera edulis var. kamchatka.
There website www.mcconnell.ca   this is a nursery bought out by Sears a few years back.
There are two other odd fruits listed:  Aronia melanocarpa and Hippophae rhamnoides. Has anyone had any information or experience with either?

Joe Boles
Mississauga, ON

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