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Re: [nafex] cracks in apples

I've seen mature trees of HGG on M26 that had full crops, so it is possible
to get them to bear well.  The grower did tell me that the trees rarely
needed thinning - the set was usually just about right.  This was in a mixed
orchard, though, with all sorts of possible pollinizer varities around.
>From: Ed & Pat Fackler <rocmdw@aye.net>
>To: nafex@egroups.com
>Subject: Re: [nafex] cracks in apples
>Date: Sat, Dec 30, 2000, 3:18 AM

>dwalsh/wchase wrote:
>> When your apples 'crack', does the skin separate and allow you to see the flesh
>> below?     Do moulds then cause the cracks to decay?
>> The 'cracks' I get in HGG are not as above.   There is no splitting of the skin,
>> no baring of flesh. (I will pay more attention to them next year when the apples
>> are really small).
>> I think the HGG cracks are fairly unique and are not actually 'cracks'.  The
>> result is a deformed apple with big ridges and furrows, but no broken skin.
>     My response----------
>     Derry, the so-called cracks in HGG occur just when the fruit is being formed
>(immediately after petal fall) and I think the reason is simply interaction of
>moisture (on fruit) with sunlight.  Also the skin on many, if not most russets is
>brittle and often very thin.
>     Since the baby apples are in rapid growth and related cell division, 
>there is an
>equally rapid healing.  Therefore the "cracks" look as you've described.  
>I've never
>seen this in other varieties, only HGG.
>     Re: characters, here HGG is shy or developing fruit buds (pink, onward) are
>frost sensative, hence it is generally a lite cropper.  Flavor is what Lon has
>described, or a very rich pear-like (some anyway), size is generlly good 
>(due to lite
>crop).  Leaves on HGG are georgeous, brilliantly dark emerald green, and very long.
>     The tree is easily managed with good branch angles.
>     Hope this helps.

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