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[nafex] Re: Meader persimmons

>The "downside" was that all seeds would produce female plants as
>there was no "y" chromosome pollen produced.Just a thought.

Would this be so for plants?  Reptiles (I think) don't have a "sex" 
chromosome (gestational temp often determines sex), birds have XZ and 
XX (and if I remember correctly the males are the XX).  Only mammals 
consistently are XX and XY (and even there they've recently found a 
genus of S. American mice that has XX females and XY Males and 
Females (and the XY Females appear to be "super moms").

I'm just saying I'm not sure how it "works" for plants - I honestly 
don't know, but it may not be a "no male's produced" situation.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6 

--- In nafex@egroups.com, jhecksel@v... wrote:
> "Lon J. Rombough" wrote:
> > 
> > I'd wager you bought your "Meader" from a nursery in Oregon or 
> > In the NW climate Meader will   set seedless fruit and mature 
them, but it's a
> > fluke of our climate.  In most places, you have to have a male to 
> > it.  HOWEVER, "Meader" is a seedling of Garretson, one of the 
"Early Golden"
> > family, and as such, carries genes that allow it to occasionaly 
> > limbs of male flowers.  
> I once read that certain other genus will produce pollen bearing 
> on female plant under conditions of exuberant
> fertility/moisture/sunlight.  There is a certain logic to the 
> Setting pollen bearing flowers might be nature's way of ensuring the
> exploitation of an opportunity, regardless of the existence of 
> males.  The "downside" was that all seeds would produce female 
plants as
> there was no "y" chromosome pollen produced.
> Just a thought.
> >If that happens, you will get seeded fruit as long
> > as you don't prune the male limb off.  There are also a few 
perfect flowered
> > persimmons.  On is Szukis (pronounced "shoe kiss") and another is 
one from
> > breeder Jim Claypool, his F-100.  I have both and have found the 
F-100 to be
> > the most reliable.  It is technically male, but it sets both 
small seedless
> > fruit and larger seeded fruit.  That is, it has both male flowers 
and some
> > perfect flowers on the same tree.  Graft some on your "Meader" 
and you will
> > get fruit on all the tree.
> > -Lon Rombough
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