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RE: [nafex] Re: Are your plants working for you? AKA, Ruthless culling

>===== Original Message From nafex@egroups.com =====
>The "Apples of New York" just raved about an old apple named "Swaar".  It
>was supposed to stay on the tree long and be very good eating.  I grew it
>and found it the most unappetizing apple I ever grew.  It stayed on the tree
>a long time because I don't believe the birds would even eat it.  It might
>of done well in the Hudson River Valley but in SW Iowa it was a real dud.

"Swaar" *may* do better in the South - there's one nursery I'm familiar with 
in GA that offers it, though I will say that they're pushing it as a variety 
to plant out on hunting properties as a wildlife(deer) foodsource, primarily 
due to the fact that it hangs on the tree well into the winter.
I'd wanted to try it for that purpose, at one point in time; and may still 
attempt grafting one, if I can locate some scionwood.

Lucky Pittman

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