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[nafex] Nov/Dec 2000 record cold

Since we all are so weather concious, I thought this letter in Earth
Changes TV news would be of interest to the group. ..............vic

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      January 6, 2001

      November, December Coldest Two-Month Period on Record in

      ASHEVILLE, North Carolina (CNN) -- Frigid
      temperatures in November and December 2000 have
      resulted in the coldest two-month period on record in
      U.S. history, scientists at the National Climatic Data
      Center said Friday.

      Last year's November was the second-coldest on
      record, with an average temperature of 28.9 degrees
      Fahrenheit. And it was the seventh coldest December
      last year since national records began in 1895. The
      average temperature of the two months was 33.8
      degrees. The old record of 34.2 for the two-month
      period was set in 1898.

      Below-average temperatures were recorded in 43 of the 48
contiguous U.S.
      states during the November-December period. Oklahoma, Arkansas and
      recorded the coldest November-December, while Illinois, Iowa,
      Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas experienced the second-coldest
      two-month period.

      The only states that recorded near-normal temperatures were
Nevada, New
      Mexico, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

      Record snowfall

      December snowfall records were set in Marquette, Michigan;
      Wisconsin; Waterloo, Iowa; and Amarillo, Texas.
      Buffalo, New York, set a new three-month snowfall record between
October and
      December of 95.9 inches, breaking the previous record of 92.2

      A 24-hour snowfall record was set during the period at Chicago,
Illinois' Midway
      Airport of 14.5 inches. That record had stood since December 1960,
according to
      the National Weather Service.

      Carolina shrimp threatened

      Along the South Carolina coast, temperatures have dipped into the
lower 40s,
      killing shrimp roe which would otherwise grow into spring's crop
of white shrimp,
      the state's Natural Resources Department said Thursday.

      On one of the coldest days in December, Jim Gallager runs through
the snow
      pulling his daughter on a sled, in Narberth, Pennsylvania

      The cold ocean temperatures could result in a disappointing shrimp
harvest this
      year, forcing prices for shrimp products at groceries and
restaurants higher.

      The shrimp tend to hide in warm water holes in the South Carolina
harbor and
      can tolerate water as cold as 48 degrees. But this year's cold
weather has
      dropped water temperatures to 42 degrees even at depths of 40
feet, said Larry
      Delancey, supervisor of the department's crustacean management

      The data match predictions by the National Weather Service, which
      predicted that the eastern and western United States would be
socked with
      extreme cold outbreaks at least through March.

      The record cold came on the tail of a year that began with the
warmest U.S.
      winter on record, according to the National Weather Service.

      Temperatures last year from January to October were the warmest 10

      consecutive months in the United States since national temperature
      began in 1895.

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