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Re: [nafex] honeylocust pods

At 07:58 PM 01/10/2001 -0500, Ginda wrote:
>Lucky, what are the other two?

Ginda, my 'unholy trinity' of most hated trees are:
Honeylocust and black locust - because of the thorns & their propensity to 
puncture tractor tires, though I will admit black locust makes a pretty 
good fence post, and decent firewood.  Just wish they didn't sucker so 
The third is sweetgum(Liquidambar).  Yes, they have beautiful fall color, 
but I've stepped on so many of those infernal seed capsules(sweetgum balls) 
in my bare feet as a kid, that it'd suit me fine if I never saw another 
one.  They don't make very good firewood ( I don't know if they have any 
intrinsic value as a timber crop) - they pop & snap, sending sparks flying, 
and if a piece is large enough to require splitting, look out!  I've buried 
more than one wedge in a big chunk of sweetgum.  And, after you cut down 
one, you get a hundred suckers jumping up from the roots.

>Ginda Fisher

Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY