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Re: [nafex] Blue Understory

>Humph! You have obviously never had to deal with "Tree of Heaven", which
>obviously came from... Umm, not heaven.
Of course I have, I've lived in Toledo, Baltimore, Boston and Portland. 
Ghetto Palm, another common name. Anyone know how it came by its name 
tree of heaven? I did have one person tell me that in interior BC, 
Ailanthus is valuable late summer fodder... any connection? Any 
confirmation? At least it doesn't dilute the pure germplasm of our noble 
native trees, like some invaders. It is hard to find non-hybrid Malus 
fusca in some parts of W. Oregon now! We should rip out all the 
non-native Malus before it's too late, and then burn them! (someone 
should have Malus aforethought?) ;)