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Re: [nafex] Off topic: African scams

These African scams have been around for years, usually originating in
Nigeria.  Before the internet they used to do it by mail or fax.  I don't think
you are being particularly targeted; they send out thousands of posts hoping to
find just one extremely stupid person with money.  If they are successful in
removing the money, all you have left is an extremely stupid (and unhappy)
person who is broke.  They appeal to people's greed, so you can feel sorry for
the suckers when they get fleeced, but not too sorry.  It would be nice if
there were some way to turn it around on them, but no one has ever thought of a
good way to do that.
Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

Mills Apple Farm wrote:

> We have received three posts from Africa THIS WEEK, each from a person
> claiming to have sneaked millions of dollars from their government and
> asking us to front for them to get it out of the country.  Of course to do
> this we must provide them with our bank account numbers, etc..
> I wonder how many of you are getting similar proposals.  Is this widespread
> or have we been singled out as being especially stupid.
> Perhaps we should be broadcasting each post to the world to blow their
> cover.
> I would appreciate feedback.  Thanks.  Jerry Mills, Southern Illinois.