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Re: [nafex] Cherries in September or later

Blackheart and Downer's Late Red are two sweet cherries that were listed years
ago in the Southmeadow Fruit Gardens catalog and described as being "very
late," though I don't really know what that means.  It's been many years since
they've offered these varieties, but perhaps they could direct you to a
current source (though to date they've ignored my recent request for information
regarding their newly introduced Celestia apple [anyone out there have any
Just a thought.          (www.southmeadowfruitgardens.com)

Mark Lee wrote:
> I am looking for late ripening sweet cherries.  The latest I could
> find for sale is Sweet September from Burnt Ridge nursery, which
> ripens not suprisingly in September.  I have also read that a
> breeding program in Hungary has some very late ripening varieties in
> there collection that are not for sale (yet).  What is the latest
> ripening sweet cherry that anyone is aware of?
> -Mark Lee
> Seattle