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Re: [nafex] Stratified Apple Seed

Title: Re: [nafex] Stratified Apple Seed
Victoria, I have also been growing apple seedlings for rootstocks, but I first read that you should dry your seeds on paper towels for two or three days and then stratify them in the refrigerator.  Has anyone done any germination tests on seeds stratified in water vs. seeds dried and then stratified???  Jerry Appleseed

From: "victoria l. caron" <vicaron@gis.net>
To: nafex@egroups.com
Subject: Re: [nafex] Stratified Apple Seed
Date: Fri, Jan 12, 2001, 2:31 AM

Seeing as I have done this quite a few times, I hope this helps you. Did you stratify your seeds in water? I usually keep my seeds in small, labeled jars of water in the frig until early spring when some start to sprout. I then plant both the sprouted and unsprouted seeds in 606's. These are the largest 6 packs for flats. I also use a brand that are 'deep well' which are available from Park's. The packs are placed in leak proof trays if kept in the house or any other type if they are allowed to drain as in a greenhouse.
My planting medium of choice is Peter's Mix which is more easily wet than Pro-Mix. I keep plastic wrap over the tray until the sprouts are up, just to avoid the need to water often. Also, the leak proof tray makes bottom watering and feeding easier.
Different varieties do not seem to germinate at the same time. The Macoun seeds I saved last year never started to sprout in the frig, only later when planted in the garden. I don't know yet the reason for this because there are so many possibilities like stage of ripeness when picked, ripening season, and temperature/storage time before stratification which could make a difference. I did notice that the Macouns that germinated in the garden did not get off to a good vigorous start. They only managed to achieve 5-6 inches all summer despite constant attention.
When they are about 5-6 inches tall or the danger of frost is past, I plant the young trees in the garden about 12 to 18 inches apart and give them a code number to record growth, vigor, color (leaves, wood, etc.), survival, seeming resistances, whatever you want to keep track of if you want to eliminate some things.

Thomas Olenio wrote:

As an experiment and to create some standard rootstock I stratified some
Idared spple seed lest fall in the refrigerator.  The seeds are now
begining to show white specks at the tips.

My question is; what is the next step?  Should I plant them in a flat, or
individual pots, and should I use soil or seed starter mix?


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

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