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Re: [nafex] Macoun

edforest55@hotmail.com wrote:
> Our Macouns here in S WI are on M26 and have been bearing only a
> dozen or so fruits per tree. These are fully grown trees surrouned by
> other varieties in the same soil that bear heavy crops. They have
> born like this for as long as I've been observing them which has been
> 5 years now.
> I can't imagine anyone planting Macoun if this is all you get, do the
> rest of you get more yield on your Macoun's? (Otherwise its a
> favorite apple of mine).
> Kevin

I had five Macoun/MM106.  I milked them along for 10 years.  One was
clearly mislabeled.  They were all duds for production.  They are now


                                                     -Joe Hecksel
                                                      Eaton Rapids,