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[nafex] Re: Purple leaves, tasty fruit

I found a copy of Purple Leaved Plums by Arthur Lee Jacobson, Timber 
Press 1992.  Here is a list of purple leaved edibles that interests 
me (all survive in Seattle where I live):

Spencer Hollywood - the author's favorite purple leaved plum. dwarf 
with good fruit. freestone and abundant. delicious.

Purple Pigmy - cherry sized fruit

Allred - grown for fruit, red inside and out

Trailblazer - deep red skin, amber flesh

Hollywood - good quality fruit, red inside and out

I have located sources for Allred (www.eat-it.com) and Hollywood 
(www.hartmannursery.com).  I am especially interested in finding the 
Spencer Hollywood Purple Leaved Plum.  Anyone seen this for sale?