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[nafex] Re: gypsy moth caviar & Weight Watchers

"I wonder if Japanese Beetles would taste better if fried in butter. I've
learned that anything tastes good if it's prepared that way."

This brings to mind Chris Inhulsen's infamous statement after trying a
number of trifoliate crosses juiced as "lemonade" (trifoliateade?):  "With
enough added sugar, even feces can be delectable."

I have been threatening to start serving up bugs for years now.  In a way I
do, as I figure leaving aphids on salad greens gives us a form of protein we
aren't likely to catch BSE or salmonella from.  Certain bugs go through a
good deal of chemistry trouble to be considered inedible, eg, ants, blister
beetles, stink bugs.  Others have evolved to enjoy a toxic diet that
probably makes them inedible, eg. bean weevils, potato bugs (only the blue
grosbeak, the "potato bug bird" seems to like them), and of course the
famous monarch butterfly.  I'd say that anything your chickens won't eat is
probably inedible.  Chickens do like Japanese beetles, but they smell
wretched to me.  Perhaps it's an aquired taste.  I can tell you that a few
Japanese beetles are okay for chickens, but when the beetle to grain ration
gets skewed too far, they go out of lay.   Donna