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[nafex] Herb Durand

Dear Group,

     Some of you may remember Herb Durand, who was a world class plant
hybridizer and made major contributions to the breeding of rabbiteye
blueberry selections.  He was a contributor to Pomona, the last article
several years ago concerning some unusual Prunus crosses he made.  He spoke
at our annual NAFEX meeting in Houston a few years ago.  Herb (known to his
family as Kyle) was very shy and reclusive and, perhaps for this reason, his
remarkable talents were never fully realized.  I am sad to report that Herb
was hit by a car while crossing the street to his voting precinct on Nov 7,
and remains in a chronic vegetative state, in a Houston hospital.  I spoke
with his brother earlier in the week and I think Herb will soon be
wharehoused in a nursing home for the living dead.  Life is often not very fair.

                                     Regards, Ethan