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Re: [nafex] Looking for Arkansas Black Apple

I have an aunt in Durham NC and I said I would try to track down a source
for Arkansas Black for her.  When I looked it up in BearCreek The
description mentioned resistance to Coddling moth.  Is this true????  And
where can my aunt get a tree.
Naomi Counides

Mark Lee wrote:

> Last year I bought a bunch of scionwood from Bearcreek.  Little did I
> know that mine was one of the last orders they would ship.  All of my
> grafts died last summer when I was out of town.  A heat wave hit
> Seattle and the small trees were not protected or watered.  Who would
> imagine that could happen in Seattle?  This year I want to try again,
> but with no Bearcreek, where else can buy scionwood?  Also, is there
> a system set up within NAFEX for exchanging scionwood among members?
> This is my first year with NAFEX?
> Thanks,
> Mark Lee
> Seattle