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Re: [nafex] global warming

It was written:

 I know people who can't understand why I don't do something political.
I'm not a political person, and anyway, I don't see much hope of changing
things that way.  I just do what seems to be my sort of task, keeping old
knowledge and old varieties alive, and trying to enthuse others.  Grass
roots movements do not take off in the US the way they do in smaller
countries.  California or Europe are the sorts of places where such
movements start, and with enough momentum they can overcome the inertia
this huge country.  I hope some changes start soon.  

My reply:

<begin preamble>

Please note I left the author's name out of this post as this is a
general commentary and not a personal attack.  Another way to view my
comments is to note that I just used a previous post  to make a point and
my comments are not specific to the author.

<end preamble>

Not to be a "jackass" but is it any wonder that:

"Grass roots movements do not take off in the US"

when those who trumpet causes state things like:

"I don't see much hope of changing things that way"

and yet for some strange reason cling to the quaint notions like:

"I hope some changes start soon"

I am going to be very Frank people, things get accomplished as result of
sustained effort that is directed with intelligence and focused purpose. 
 Thomas Edison did not create a sustainable light bulb by giving up after
500 or 1000 tries, he persisted and today we have light.    I can't help
but wonder if we would all just be sitting in the dark if he had just sat
their wishing for a sustainable light bulb rather then creating one.

Perplexed by the logic of it all,

	the fluffy (Fighting for privacy rights, here and in Washington. 
Fighting for his Constitutional protection against taxation without
representation in 40 States, and bound and determined to overcome those
lousy bastards.  And holding his ears high,  darn proud to be apart of a
distinct American culture, and refusing to subvert that culture to any
ridiculous multi-cultural enrichment nonsense) bunny

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