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Re: [nafex] hole digging


     My only comment re: below is that digging holes in clay soils with any
type of circular digger will almost guarantee a clay pot, even if soils are
only slightly wet.
     If you are insistent on digging with such a device, I'd use a fork to
deglaze the sides prior to planting of trees.  Otherwise, your trees will
be sitting in a clay pot for over a year (or until frost heaving breaks up
the sides of the hole).  This generally results in literal drowning of tree


pinewoodel@hotmail.com wrote:

> just did an archive search and found nothing relevant.... ive got 200
> holes to dig for trees this spring in our heavy clay. Was able to
> borrow once a Gravely garden tractor with a hole digging attachment.
> Its a rorary drill for planting , digs a hole about 16" wide and 16"
> deep.Its advantage is that it grinds up the clay.   If i had the
> physical stamina and was built like a gorilla i could consider hand
> digging but the clay would come out in spade size blocks, not so nice
> for roots. Graveleys are a heavy duty machine and not every one knows
> they make a hole digger.  However my only other option at present is to
> find a way to attach an old 9" post hole auger i bought to the loader
> of my farmall M tractor ( they don't have 3 pt. hitches).   Has anyone
> seen a post hole auger fited to a loader of a tractor?    I figure with
> this configuration  i could drill multiple holes and break up the
> clay.How do you all dig holes?     minnesota del