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Re: [nafex] Napolean Cherry

Yes,  Lon, Red Dye #4 has been labelled "carcenogenic".  My recollection is
that that accolade was awarded because of tumor induction observed in the
laboratory on white mice and white rats of the usual special lines bred for
prolific tumor production.
As I understand the extrapolations from those results, cherry addicts who
consume more than 8-1/2 bottles of maraschinos per day  over a 25-year period
stand a 50-50 chance of stomach cancer.  Scary, eh?

Lon J. Rombough wrote:

> Napoleon, aka "Royal Anne" is grown around Salem, Oregon (nickname, "Cherry
> City") for use in making maraschino cherries.  It is a mild flavored cherry,
> productive, with moderate to low susceptibility to brown rot.  The industry
> likes it because it doesn't have to be bleached as much for maraschino
> cherries.  That is, the cherries are bleached, brined in a lye solution,
> then colored red (real logic there, eh?)  People who work in the plants
> won't touch maraschino cherries. For one reason,they go through rubber
> gloves almost daily from the corrosive solutions used on the cherries.
> Also, the red dye used is a coal tar dye that has been proven to cause
> cancer, but the industry claims that nothing else works for them, so the
> govt. lets them use it.
> -Lon Rombough
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> >Hi,
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> >Can anyone tell me more about the Napolean cherry from experience?
> >
> >All I know is that it is a yellow cherry.
> >
> >What is the habit, disease resistance, fruit type and quality.
> >
> >Just heard a fellow talking about it on the radio, and had to leave the
> >room for a minute.
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