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Re: [nafex] Apple roostocks, WWFTRF

<< If you're looking to make this a comprehensive test, Kim, there are
 several newer rootstock candidates that merit inclusion: >>

This isn't a test, but a demonstration, although a test of these rootstocks 
would be interesting to the members of our group. There was actually a test 
plot of rootstocks with crab apples here that has now finished, and we are  
going to be using several of the trees from this test in our demonstration 
plot. Testing is not a part of the demonstration garden, which is open to the 
public at all times. 

The WWFTRF (Western Washington Fruit Tree Research Foundation) is a testing 
group, though, and funds the (non commercial) fruit tests that are taking 
place at the station. These are not open to the public, and members can come 
and see the testing areas and try the fruit, etc, on our open house days. 
This group was formed about 10 years ago when the government funding for 
fruit testing was withdrawn from the station. The membership fees and 
donations provide most of the funds to continue testing and the members get 
to come to the station and pick fruit and they can have a say in what type of 
testing is done if they just come to the meetings (but not too many do). We 
also have pruning and grafting demonstrations on the spring field day, with 
rootstocks and scionwood available. Plus speakers holding discussions of 
various aspects of fruit growing.

Thank you for your information on newer rootstocks, I'll be keeping my eyes 
on the lookout for them.

Thanks,  Kim