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Re: [nafex] apple varieties with unusual histories?


There was a joke going around years ago about a fellow who claimed to be
such an expert in recognizing apples by taste that he could identify any
kind blindfolded.  He was challenged and given several to taste,
identifying each correctly.  Finally, in desperation, one of his
challengers grabbed a piece of cork, carved it into the shape of an apple,
and offered it to him.  He bit out a chunk, hesitated, bit out another,
then reluctantly admitted that he wasn't sure but thought it might be a Ben
Davis.  Then he added, "But if it is, it's the best tasting Ben Davis I've
ever eaten."


Phil Norris   East Blue Hill, Maine

>I'm working on a draft of a "coffee table" book on apples, hard cider
>and early American history and would appreciate any leads as to
>varieties with unusual histories or backgrounds that might interest
>the average lay person.  I already have Newtown Pippin and Benj
>Franklin, and Lady and Pliny. Can anyone suggest any others?  Also if
>anyone has any apple jokes they would be appreciated.  They only one I
>have so far is: What do you get if you divide the circumference of an
>apple by the diameter? Apple Pi. Sort of Lame!
>I'll footnote any help.
>Mike Tomlinson