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Re: [nafex] gypsy moth caviar & Weight Watchers

In a message dated 01/25/01 9:44:46 PM, the.fluffy.bunny@juno.com writes:

<< Dan wrote:

 Kind of like parsley on a steak, eh?  Those sound like the gourmet item.
(I eat the garnish, generally.) 

My reply:


Okay if you and yours are into garnishes at home, fine.  But don't ever,
ever eat a garnish from a restaurant.   In the past I have worked in
several restaurants, managed two, and owned one.   Guess what, in general
despite my admonishing people, the garnishes are not washed, are not
prepped correctly(i.e. a cook while cut raw chicken with a knife and not
think twice about slicing up an orange that is served with it as a

You have mentioned before that you are of sturdy constitution but
bacteria strains are cumulative in the sense they can lie dormant in your
intestinal tract for some time.  All it takes is the right types of
strains, an illness or some other condition and you can go spiraling

Just an unsolicited piece of friendly advice.   I would hate for anyone
to suffer due to poor food management.

The rabbit >>

Gee, after 62 years I'm going to suddenly loose it?  Oh, well....  Honestly, 
I think most people are of sturdy constitution potentially, but just become 
immunological weaklines by lack of "exercise" in a poor enviornment.   Now, 
however, you HAVE ruined those garnishes for me.  i wouldn't worry if I felt 
that anyone in America who lives more than 100  yards from achicken coop 
knows what a FESH chicken is, but frankly I cook to the point of 
disintergration any fowl I buy because, well, they taste like they need it.  
I remember, years ago, eating chicken at a friends house after many years of 
growing and killing my own.  I thought it had gone "bad" but she felt it 
tasted "normal".  While I don't think one can get used to ANYTHING, people 
can get used to a lot, including long distribution distances and times for 
their poultry.  Frankly, I feel that insecticide and herbicide residues, 
heavy metals, and other pollutants are more of a health risk than the odd 
microbe that may find your meal a habitat.