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[nafex] Global warming, etc.

Richard Ossolinski wrote:  Great piece, Donna, though I think it would have
had a bit more credibility if you'd omitted the last sentence  -  or are you
traveling by bicycle? :-)

Well, I did feel pretty stupid tacking that on the end, but we never go
anywhere, we even have our work schedule set up so we camp out in town 2
nights a week ( and barely sleep for trying to get the most out of the
computer) so we don't have to commute 20 miles back and forth every day from
home.  We actually took a bus to Arizona to see my son last summer, seems to
have given me itchy feet.  They had a 2 for one deal and it was cheaper and
quicker than driving, which didn't appeal much anyway.  So I figure I ought
to use up my "energy credits" or whatever you would call all my scrimping on
energy.  We'll see friends (and NAFEXers) and hit bookstores and oriental
groceries on the way and even grit our teeth and deal with the INS
(Immigrations and Naturalizations, one of the most unpleasant federal
agencies) which will save us a 600 mile round trip to Memphis.  Then we
won't have to go to any big cities again for a couple of years.  Donna

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