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Re: [nafex] Re: Dan's reply to gypsy moth cav et.al

In a message dated 01/27/01 10:03:45 AM, madshaw@quest-net.com writes:

<< TB reply:
Oh, so naive you are!!  I would like for you to document for me even one 
instance of a death resulting from food-borne pesticide residues.  Now look 
at the THOUSANDS    who die each year from microbial-based food-borne 
illness.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel that the proven killers are 
the bugs.
p.s. I'm no flag-waver of the chemical industry but at the same time I 
recognize the importance of having effective, well regulated, and properly 
used tools at hand to assist farmers in growing food to fill our stomachs.
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Well if you look at who does the documenting and what their vested interests 
are, you might have a clearer picture.  I think you are wrong, but probably 
not susceptible to being corrected.  In any case, I do not autorize ANYONE, 
certainly no government, to look out for my interests and health.  That is my 
job.  I don't want to be told how my hamburger shall be cooked or what has to 
happen to my food before I am allowed to eat it.  Of course the best way to 
take responsibility for one self is to grow one's own food or know personally 
people who grow.  I used to grow (+forage, hunt, fish, scrounge) virtually 
everything except coffee (which I no longer drink), a bit of sugar for 
preserves (couldn't afford honey then), and a bushel of wheat a year for a 
family of four and it was no big deal.  Now I'm   away too much to keep such 
systems going, but I still want to get my food without Big Brother (or his 
Little Sister) telling me how it needs to be processed.  


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