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Re: [nafex] Black currant

At 11:28 AM 1/28/01 -0800, you wrote:
>   Is anyone out there growing Minaj Smyriou? Any  feedback to share on it?
>I just got one bare root adn plan to plant it in  between trees. Have no
>idea how it will do out here.   Katy Meigs
>Jolon at Last Farm
>Central  California
>USDA Zone 8/9 
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I am Ed Mashburn in Central PA and I have some Minaj plants that I have
been growing for the pasy 5 years. They are very early, very high yielding
and very good. The plants are large robust plants anf may need some support
when they ar in full fruit. They seem to be highly resistant to mildew and

Ed Mashburn
Northumberland BerryWorks
707 Front Street
Northumberland, PA  17857
(570) 473-9910

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