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Re: [nafex] australian apple collections

In Lee Calhouns wonderful book "Old Southern Apples" he lists the old 
English variety Summer Golden Pippin as being grown in wester North Carolina
for many years prior to 1900 but now it is extinct from this country.  But a
few years ago I noticed that it was on the list of apples in the Brogdale
Horticultural Trust in England.  Since I do have a USDA Export Permit I have
tried a couple of times to get them to send us scions but both times they
could not meet the disease requirements claiming that they had brown rot.
If the Summer Golden Pippin still exists in England there is a good chance
that it was passed on to Austrailia.  If anyone can find a source for scions
down under I think my permit is still valid and I'm will to give it a try to
get some of our lost varieties back into the U.S.  Jerry Appleseed.

>From: tugger@netreach.net
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>Subject: [nafex] australian apple collections
>Date: Sat, Jan 27, 2001, 6:45 PM

> The Back Yard Fruit Growers of Pa had a great session by Tom Bufford
> & Charlotte Shelton today in which it was stated that many of our
> apples were shipped in the mid 1800's to Australia and Tasmania and
> that some of our missing antique varieties could/might be found
> there. Has anyone had any experience with conducting such a search,
> have any contacts, or know what the process is to get scions back into
> this country legally? Any information, websites, etc will be
> appreciated.
> Thanks
> Mike Tomlinson

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