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[nafex] Rooting Experiment


Ultrasonic home humidifiers seem like a practical idea for rooting cuttings.  The operative word being "seem".  They are relatively cheap, and can serve multiple uses, and would be easier to set up than other mist systems.

The mist they produce  is cool, the micro droplets do not fall to the ground, or accumulate into larger drops.  These units are very successful at getting water into the air, and may provide what is needed for mist propagation very inexpensively.

My other thought is...  If you filled a home ultrasonic humidifier with "willow water", would the rooting hormones found in the micro droplets increase the rooting/vigor of cuttings?.

A wooden frame covered with plastic on 4 sides, with the ultrasonic willow water mist directed at the open side, may prove to be an interesting rooting experiment.

Anyone tried anything like this?


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Canada
Hardiness Zone 6a