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Re: [nafex] Blueberries

Doreen and Ginda,
Thanks a lot for your comments on blueberry. 
If others have information on these blueberries (hybrid highbish/lowbush:
Chippewa, Friendship and St-Cloud), wether their origin, parentage or other
things, I would appreciate.


A 19:20 01.01.31 -0600, vous avez écrit :
>I grew Chippewa in Springfield, IL, which is USDA zone 5b.  It did well and
>had fruit on it the second spring.  The only problem I had with it was
>rabbits!  Finally had to cage it with chicken wire to get it going.
>Chippewa was a nice size bush, and I planted it next to Northblue for
>Doreen Howard
>Now Zone 4b
>I have a couple of St. Cloud.  They seem healthy, and the berries taste
>very good.  They are sweet and have a good blueberry flavor.  They are
>not huge berries, not much larger than the large end of wild
>blueberries.  (I was looking for small berries, the better to cook into
>pancakes.)  Mine are young, and the bunnies got most of the fruiting
>buds last year, so I don't know how productive they are.  There are lots
>of buds (behind mesh) this winter.  The bushes have attractive fall
>foliage, and the flowers are mildly ornamental, too.
>Ginda Fisher

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