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RE:[nafex] WPBR and pines

	thanks Tom,  I seen mention of the Germ Repository before but never dreamed 
a small time grower could access plant material through them.  I got into 
their main site and realized this is vast! Not to mention the 30 some other 
places they mention, It'll take some homework but looks very worth pursuing.
	White Pines....the deer predate the young ones so severly that (besides 
cost and time to put in thousands of seeedlings) the only practical way I 
can see to plant 20 acres of understory is to make some sort of hand-held 
shallow planter-- buy a few pounds of seed (affordable) and just go for 
walks in the woods putting out seeds by the thousand.  Let nature take its 
course naturally, including stratifying etc.
	 This isn't a fruit topic of course,  so does any one know of a source 
where i could persue this crazy long term idea?  Mn. Del

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