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Re: [nafex] Southern Home grape

I have an idea of how to obtain it, but you should contact me off-list.
Dr. Dunstan made a LOT more selections, and his work was carried on by Bob
Zehnder of SC, who is himself getting elderly.  Bob has many selections of
muscadine-bunch grape hybrids and bunch grapes that are cast-iron healthy
against some increadible disease pressure there.
-Lon Rombough
Grapes, unusual fruits, writing, consulting, more, at

>From: Lucky Pittman <Lucky.Pittman@murraystate.edu>
>To: nafex@yahoogroups.com
>Subject: [nafex] Southern Home grape
>Date: Mon, Feb 5, 2001, 9:43 AM

>Lon & other grape enthusiasts,
>A while back, someone on the list asked about the "Southern Home" 
>bunchXmuscadine hybrid grape selection, bred by Dr. Dunstan, of Chestnut 
>Hill Nursery, in Alachua, FL.  I've visited the CHN  website, but as best I 
>can figure, they're marketing their plant materials only wholesale to 
>nursery retailers and Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, etc.
>I'm interested in trying it here, since muscadines supposedly won't survive 
>winter temps below 10 F.
>1)Does anyone on the list have it, or know where a person could obtain it?
>2)Did Dr. Dunstan make more than the one selection, and if so, are others 
>Lucky Pittman
>USDA Zone 6
>Hopkinsville, KY

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