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[nafex] WPBR

The recent talk about White Pine Blister Rust reminded me of one of my first
summer jobs working for the New York State Department of Forestry on Blister
Rust control.  I was 17 and the year was 1967.  My crew would work transects
around white pine stands and kill all of the wild ribes that we found.  We
would spray them with a defoliant that we called T.  The formula was "a cup
of T" to a gallon of fuel oil.  We would then fill up our hand held sprayers
and go ribes hunting.  We would hang the sprayers from our belts as we bush
whacked and they were always leaking and running down our legs.  Later I
found out that the defoliant was 2,4,5,T which along with 2,4,D made up
Agent Orange which we were dumping on Viet Nam at the time and has been
implicated with health problems in our veterans. I'm glad to hear that they
have found other ways of dealing with WPBR.  Jerry Appleseed 

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