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Re: [nafex] paper collar capping

	thanks Sam...Paper collars I know well, did a contract for the county here 
on a red pine plantation...6 cents a tree, 3 staples each, being sure to get 
some needles in each staple, and no needles ever protruding from the top. 
Ain't no way to get rich. But, a very succesful method.
	 On the few naturally occuring white pine sedlings we have here, I have 
capped them and it is a natural way to get the deer to prune off all the 
lower branches -- which is good for WPBR avoidance and for gettting them 
quicker to above deer altitude.  they are just crazy for terminal buds.
	I intend to try this directed deer pruning method in fruit plantings as 
well.  Its amazing how plain typing paper will last a year of rain , wind 
and snow.   I get throw away paper from the local copy shop, pay them a 
couple dollars to cut it all in half (4 1/2 by 5 1/2)
The stapler is a type used by shipping clerks- probably some of the nursery 
owners on this newsgroup have them.
	However, that unsuported bending over on uneven terrain -- times thousands 
of trees -- precipitated a series of events that eventully led to serious 
long term back trouble, now mio-facial muscle treatments keep me going.
	This is one reason I think to just over plant the 20 acres and let natural 
selection work.  Maybe 1 in 100 seedlings is less like deer- candy.          
    Mn. Del

>From: Sam Brungardt <samb@pop.isd.net>
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>Subject: Re: [nafex] ribes
>Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 07:02:03 -0600
>Del, currants and gooseberries will thrive in the Bemidji area
>without doubt.  Important thing is to get WPBR-resistant cultivars.
>For black currant that would be Titania, one of the 3 resistant
>Canadian cultivars (probably less productive and not as high
>quality--Consort, Crusader and Coronet), or Minaj Smirnou
>(spelling?).  Viking is a red currant resistant to WPBR.  Generally,
>cultivated gooseberries are thought to pose less of a WPBR threat
>(I'll try to get you some data on this.)
>Finally, you mentioned that white pine were about impossible to grow
>due to deer predation.  There's a very simple paper collar that can
>be put on the growing point(s) of young white pine that is supposed
>to reduce browsing considerably.  Call you local DNR office for
>particulars; they have a fact sheet on this in their forestland
>owners manual.--Sam, St. Paul, Minn.
> >	Thanks all, .....you've convinced me to give ribes a serious
> >try,  I think
> >they could do well here.  Now off to do my research and choices,    and 
> >look into resistant White Pines- had never heard of that....if only there
> >were ones deer and porcupines were allergic to...     got up to 33F 
> >the sound of dripping water! Mn. Del
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