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Re: [nafex] ribes

I put in a Consort two years ago, and it was so vigorous that I moved it
into the woods.  (Also, I didn't care for the flavor.  My limited
backyard full sun gets saved for things I like to eat.)    The first
year it had some aphids early in the season, but my attitude towards
aphids is to ignore them unless the plant looks unhappy, which it
didn't.  Soon they disappeared.  I don't think I've ever seen a
healthier plant.  Productive, too, despite being my sole black currant.  


Margie Luffman wrote:
> Of the 3 rust resistant Canadian cultivars mentioned, Consort is far superior. We have 43 black currant cultivars. Last year was a very good year to assess rust. Ben More and Ben Nevis did poorly but Ben Lomond was not bad. Minej Smyrev also did very well; ie no trace of rust.
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> >>> Sam Brungardt <samb@pop.isd.net> 02/06 8:02 am >>>
> Del, currants and gooseberries will thrive in the Bemidji area
> without doubt.  Important thing is to get WPBR-resistant cultivars.
> For black currant that would be Titania, one of the 3 resistant
> Canadian cultivars (probably less productive and not as high
> quality--Consort, Crusader and Coronet), or Minaj Smirnou
> (spelling?).  Viking is a red currant resistant to WPBR.  Generally,
> cultivated gooseberries are thought to pose less of a WPBR threat
> (I'll try to get you some data on this.)
> Finally, you mentioned that white pine were about impossible to grow
> due to deer predation.  There's a very simple paper collar that can
> be put on the growing point(s) of young white pine that is supposed
> to reduce browsing considerably.  Call you local DNR office for
> particulars; they have a fact sheet on this in their forestland
> owners manual.--Sam, St. Paul, Minn.
> >       Thanks all, .....you've convinced me to give ribes a serious
> >try,  I think
> >they could do well here.  Now off to do my research and choices,    and I'll
> >look into resistant White Pines- had never heard of that....if only there
> >were ones deer and porcupines were allergic to...     got up to 33F today...
> >the sound of dripping water! Mn. Del
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