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[nafex] Northern pecan seedlings(commercial)

I'm a bit reluctant about posting this to the list, but as I see an 
occasional commercial ad here and there, I'll go ahead:

I have several hundred field-grown 3-yr. old Northern/Midwestern pecan 
seedlings available to 'good homes' , at reasonable cost(email me direct to 
haggle over price).  These are extras, grown for a CRP forestation project 
I have going on the farm here.  I'd like to see someone plant some of them, 
but I'd like to recoup a little something for the time I've got invested in 

All are seedlings of "Major", grown from seednuts collected from a grove of 
grafted trees("Peruque", "Posey", "Hodge", and several others I've been 
unable to positively ID), and should be hardy and productive in most areas 
of USDA zones 5 & 6.  If nothing else, they should make good rootstocks for 
topworking  to good pecan/hickory selections.
Sizes are quite variable; most are 2-3 ft tall, some 4'+.

If interested, drop me a line.
Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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