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Re: [nafex] Che

Hi Tom
Thanks for the information.....I had already found this site. In
fact...it's the only info I can find on Che. I know there has gotta be
more somewhere....I have mine ordered from Edible Landscaping....their
advertisement says it is a grafted, seedless tree and will bear.....it
fits the description of the wished for one on this site...here the
spot about the one I ordered....
Seedless Che

(Cudrania tricuspidata). A small rounded fall-fruiting ornamental
tree. These are superior grafted trees. Bears splendid crop of lovely
red clusters over the entire tree. A center of attention at ripening
time. fully ripe fruits are juicy, sweet, very pleasant and fig-like
in taste. Completely seedless. Zone 6-9.
Gallon $25

What do you think of this ????? Would you possibly know of  any other
sources of info ?
Thanks very much.
Pete Benfield 8b
Southeast La.
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: Hello,
: You are right, there are male and female che, though a male may set
a few
: fruit.
: Here is a good source of che information;
: http://www.crfg.org/pubs/ff/che.html
: Regards,
: Tom
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: Thomas Olenio
: Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a
: On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Pete wrote:
: > Hello
: > I am a new member of NAFEX. I have a Che from "Edible Landscaping"
on the way and will be here tomorrow.
: > It is supposed to be a fruit bearing tree. I just found some other
info stating that it is a sexual plant and there must be both sexes to
get any fruit. I wonder if the one I ordered is truly self
fruitful....I will call them tomorrow for additional info...but
thought would ask the group.
: > ALSO....how does one access the archives to search for stuff ?
: > I am in zone 8bB .
: > Thanks to all...
: > Pete
: >
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