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[nafex] Cold-hardy stone fruits and pears

Hello all:
My supervisor, Dr. Elena Garcia, tree fruit extension professor for 
Vermont, has been asked to speak at this spring's NOFA conference regarding 
cold-hardy peach, plum cherry, and pear varieties for Vermont.  Our focus 
has been primarily apples for some time now, and we are just now getting 
into grapes, so we do not have a good handle on what's out there that we 
can recommend for zones 3b to 4b.  We are assuming that most of these 
growers will not be looking for commercial plantings, or possibly small 
ones at that.  Can anyone here offer their expertise in this area?  We will 
need to acknowledge you in the presentation, so any background information 
may be helpful.  You can respond direct to my e-mail or to the list.

Thanks in advance,
Terry Bradshaw
Terence Bradshaw
Field Research Technician II
University of Vermont Apple Team
121 Hills Building
Burlington, VT 05405
PH: (802)656-0490
FX: (802)656-4656
The views represented are mine and mine only...

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