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Re: [nafex] online database project for apples

Hi Mark,
      I too have been full of motivation for a long time working on several
data bases of varieties, parentage, resistances, there is so much out there
that could be organized! I don't mean to rain on your parade, but here are a
few things you may want to consider.
    The problem is that some people have taken it upon themselves to publish
their opinions on the origin of varieties and what is what when, in fact, no
one will ever know for sure and your guess is as good as mine. This may not
seem important to some, but if the information highway is to be a reliable
source of information, then it's our responsibility not to corrupt it.
    Please don't take me wrong and don't be discouraged from your quest. It
is a worthwhile one which I have partially accomplished for my own purposes
for now. My point is that there is already a lot of misinformation out
there, however there are also some knowledgeable people around that can look
over your work and edit it or approve of what is correct. That is the only
way I would go. If the information wasn't already such a mess the data base
would be done!
Good luck............vic

Mark Lee wrote:

> I have been gathering information recently to create a database of
> apple varieties.  This was going to be for my own use, but I found a
> service called Bitlocker that allows anyone to create an online
> database for free.
> Disclaimer: I am not associated with Bitlocker, just a satified user.
> I happened to have a spreadsheet of information that I downloaded
> from St. Lawrence Nursuries online catalog that I could upload today
> to my Bitlocker account.
> Disclaimer: I am not associated with St. Lawrence Nursuries, just a
> potential customer that enjoys reading their catalog.
> Anyone can access my database by visiting the following page:
> http://www.bitlocker.com/guest?c=2&r=5526420319110391 .
> I am presenting this database as an example of how a NAFEX member may
> research apple varieties online.  Here is an example.
> Search: Early ripening apple with Mcintosh parentage
> The database returns...
> ****************
> Alton
> Early McIntosh X NY 845
> Red wash over yellow
> White, fine-grained flesh bleeding to pink when fully ripe. Pleasant
> flavor, good for eating or cooking. Not a keeper.
> Early McIntosh
> McIntosh X Yellow Transparent
> Yellow, red striped
> Early-mid
> White, tender flesh with pleasant flavor. Good for home and local
> markets.
> Niagara
> Carlton X McIntosh
> Red
> Early to mid Exceptionally vigorous grower. Fruit similar to
> McIntosh, with high dessert quality.
> Puritan
> McIntosh X Red Astrachan
> Red
> Early-mid
> White flesh, good flavor, somewhat tart, McIntosh-type. Tree has good
> structure, tends to bear biennially.
> Tydeman Red
> McIntosh X Worcester Pearmain
> Red, yellow Early to early-mid Firm-fleshed with mild, pleasant
> flavor; good quality dessert for fresh eating. Keeps well at 32
> degrees F.
> ***********
> I entered this search request by clicking on BROWSE, FIND, ADD FIND,
> Parentage Contains McIntosh <enter>, ADD FIND, Season Contains Early
> <enter>
> I created this database from a csv-format file I already had on my
> own PC.  Uploading and formating the database online took less than
> 30 minutes.  There are 140 apples listed in the database so far,
> after uploading one of my lists.  I have others files with additional
> varieties that I will upload soon.  I know of no other free database
> like this for apples available on the internet or anywhere.  It would
> be cool if others that share my interest creating this kind of
> resource could either add to what I have started, or start their own
> database on Bitlocker - in the spirit of Linux development.  Any one
> else interested in such an effort?
> -Mark Lee

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