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Re: [nafex] productivity of various apple rootstocks?

tugger@netreach.net wrote:

> Were can I read or learn what the average yield is of various
> available rootstocks. I understand that it all depends on x,y and z
> but would someone hazard an estimate as to what a 3+ year old tree on
> m9.bud9 and m7 will produce. What, if any, effect does the variety
> grafted have on productivity.

     My response-----

     Firstly, on third leaf trees properly managed, one could expect 1/2 bu.
per tree from M9 and Bud. 9 with no production from M7.
     Secondly, yes indeed specific varieties are more precocious (early
bearing) than others.  GoldRush is by far the quickest to bear of any we've
ever grown.  However, one still has to deal with sufficent tree (and leaf)
canopy to support/size fruit.  For example, on 3rd year trees of
GoldRush/MM111 we picked 3/4ths bu. of 88 size fruit.  Right beside this
row, we had, among others, Arkansas Black (no fruit), Nittany (no fruit)
Pink Lady (very little fruit), as comparison.

      You wrote----------

> And what is the statistical difference
> in eddible fruit of the same 3 varieties when grown commercially
> organically, IPM or full Chemical approach.

     My response-----

     Joe Kovach, while at Cornell did a bit of work on the differences of
these pest management approaches for the express purpose of defining
"environmental impact".
     In this situation (moderate to high pest pressures), the stastical
difference between IPM and conventional were nill (90+%).  The organic
approach yielded around 40% of marketable fruit as I recall.
     And of those commercial organic growers whom I know well under similar
pest pressures yield about the same.  However, in the last couple of years,
with the use of Surround, some have upped these percentages to a large

     Hope this helps.

Ed, So. Indiana, heaven, etc.

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