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Re: [nafex] Mycorrhiza Fungi


No testimonials from me yet...  But I did order a sample from T&J
Enterprises for $3.00 US.  Someone has set up a Yahoo Group that deals
exclusively with mycorrhiza fungi.  You can view their main page here;


Now I believe it is a commercialy based group (I think they are trying to
sell), so my advice is to keep alert, leave your radar on, and don't believe
everything you read, but you will find some very useful information in
regards to mycorrhiza fungi.

Hope this helps.  Though I wonder about the post from the family under
attach by their giant celery. (smile)


lostman_amiga@yahoo.com wrote:

> I saw a mag that you could order Mycorrhiza Fungi innoculant from.  I
> read a little bit about them (the Part III in Pomona).  Does anyone
> have any knowledge about how you use this stuff?
> Any personal testimonials on its effectiveness?
> Any drawbacks?

Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Canada
Hardiness Zone 6a

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