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[nafex] Re: online database project for apples

Today I got a response from St. Lawrence Nursuries on the question of 
whether they would grant me permission to use their catalog 
descriptions in an online database I am setting up.  The good news is 
they are granting me permission to use this.  They were enthuiastic 
about this project.  I will ask the authors of the other variety 
lists that I have whether they will grant me permission also, and I 
will update the database accordingly.

My goal is not to create a database that has all the answers and 
is "the authority" on apple orgins, etc.  My goal is to collect 
information that others have compiled, and to make this information 
searchable online, whether it is accurate or not.  Of course another 
goal is to obtain reliably accurate lists to begin with, so I try to 
weed out lists initially that have little value to add to the 


--- In nafex@y..., "Mark Lee" <piper3@u...> wrote:
> I just sent off an e-mail asking their permission to use the 
> of their catalog in the database.  I will need to take the database 
> offline if they don't grant me permission.  Oh well.  If that 
> happens, maybe I can gather the same kind of information from the 
> experience of other NAFEX members.
> -Mark

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