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[nafex] Re: an good idea.....maybe

    I'm not the list-owner, but there's nothing stopping you from 
uploading your plans.  Ideally do not attach them, but load them to 
the "Files" section of the group directory.  You can even create 
folders there.  Others may or may not follow, but I for one would be 
interested in seeing what you're planning.  Just post a note then to 
the regular forum that you've placed the document there.  It would 
need to be in a fairly ubiquitous format so that others could see.

Some people on this forum only access the list through e-mail (and 
for some like the Fluffy Bunny it is the only way he can access the 
list (although I'm not sure why)).  For those who only use e-mail 
access who want to see what you placed there, they could request you 
to send them the file(s) as an attachment.

Take care,

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

--- In nafex@y..., lostman_amiga@y... wrote:
> I dont know if this is an idea that would be wrong for this forum, 
> I thought I would suggest it anyway....
> A little background first...
> I am working on a fairly ambitious project(for me)of re-landscaping 
> yard with edible plants.  I have done a fair amount of research for 
> being such a newbie at this, but there is nothing like getting 
> differnet peoples opinions first hand about all this.  This is what 
> makes this place and other forums so crucial to me. I only wish I 
> could show people my space and what I want to plant. I spent a 
> deal of time planning on paper my landscape design to get a clearer 
> picture in my head of what would go well in the space. I also 
> it would be a great way to show others what I want to do. 
> Unfortunately, most people I know think I'm a bit odd for not 
> lawn grass, flowers, and boxwoods. I didnt really have a group to 
> to till I found NAFEX. But I still would like a few people locally 
> that I could actually show things too.
> So, to make a long story short, I thought maybe I can upload my 
> yard plans to the forum file sections for feedback.  Better yet, 
> a folder of landscape and orchard plans so everyone can share thier 
> vision with others......?  Would this be to difficult to manage?
> any problems this might cause?
> I know this might be overstepping my bounds as a new NAFEX online 
> member, but would the members and the owner be interested in doing 
> something like this?  I would love to see what other people are 
> planting.

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