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[nafex] Captan - Chemical Halflife

Hello All,

I know some of you have little use for chemicals, but I want to share something I just learned with other novice chemical users.

Not too long ago I carefully measured out a gallon of water, and the proper amount of captan to make up a gallon of fungicide for spraying on cuttings.  (Took all the necessary precautions).

What I just learned today is the half life (time it is effective) of captan in water is 2.5 days.  Malathion is shorter, just 1 day.

Not knowing this, I have sprayed a lot of useless chemicals in the past few years.  Not using a lot of spray at any one time, I would save the extra in carefully capped bottles, and use it the next time.  Boy do I feel sheepish.

Here is a web page that contains the half life of some selected chemicals;


So I guess the lesson is that being frugal does not always work.

Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Canada
Hardiness Zone 6a

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