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[nafex] Soil ammendmends (Not satire)

I wish to discuss a delicate matter.  

I did not want to bring up the subject but planting season is upon us
and the question can no longer wait. (Brag warning) I moved four pear
trees last night.

I see that several of my catalogs sell soil amendments with names like
"Aqua-gel" to be added to the hole when planting.  These amendments grab
water and hold it.  So I presume they are most valuable in sand and
gravel that have very low moisture retention.  Seems like I read that
these materials are starch grains grafted onto fibers.  They swell up
and absorb many, many, many times their weight in water.

So, my question is:  "Does anybody have any opinions, or admit to, using
disposable baby diapers in the bottom of the planting hole?"  The
absorbent material in diapers is the very same stuff.  They are *very*
cheap compared to the material sold in the catalog....especially the
ones that are "fortified" with organic plant nutrients and enriched with

Who knows, this might be the start of a great business and recycling


                                               -Joe Hecksel
                                                Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Home of organically fortified, micro-organism enriched, water retention
planting aids.  Prices upon request.

Personal webpage open to the public at
Criticism welcomed.

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