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RE: [nafex] tree guards

Hi Del.  We used aluminum window screening this year - went on extremely
well.  The jury is out until the snow is gone to determine just how
effective it was.  Will keep you and the list posted.

Best regards,

Gord Hawkes

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Subject: [nafex] tree guards

I've been a pondering tree gaurds, and a deep subject she is what with
plastic spiral wraps and aluminum foils and all.....But I keep returning to
window screen.....
	it breathes,
	it can be painted white on the south (I understand that having the shade
somewhat removed from the tree -rather than just painted bark- is better
	the holes are smaller than any field mice I know,
	should last many years even underground a few inches
	can be cheap

	on the last note I called the local hardware store and found that I could
buy a 100 foot roll of 2' window screen for $62 U.S.  If I cut it into 1'
strips that's 62 cents each, can you beat it?
	yep!, scrounger that I am I asked the clerk what happens to all the
discarded screen...it took a while to convince him that someone could
actually want it!  bins of it he said,  come and get it, espcially come
	the quoted price was for aluminum, the common fiberglass was cheaper, but i
didn't ask
	I just now tried rolling up a 1' by 2' sheet on a piece of an old garden
handle and it made a nice tight roll......origionally i thought to just wrap
it around tree (about 3 to 4" tube and staple edges tpogether)   but this
1"-three-times-around  tube would naturally expand with the tree. It could
be secured with a quick wrap of twine if needed
	Any better ideas?
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